There is certainly no shortage of styles, colors, and materials when it comes to resurfacing kitchen countertops, so how do you choose the right style for you in a sea of choices? From stone to solid surfaces and laminates, there are some really fun styles trending right now in the world of kitchen countertops. Today, we will explore some of these in the hopes of helping you choose a style that you will love for years to come. When you have decided on the desired surface for your kitchen countertops that you absolutely love, call Expert Resurfacing for top-quality countertop resurfacing in Virginia Beach. We would love to help you transform your kitchen into a stylish, sleek space for cooking, eating, and entertaining at the fraction of the cost of replacing your countertops.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete is quickly becoming one of the top choices for kitchen counters. Concrete overlays look stylish, modern, and offer an industrial look that is incredibly popular right now.  Concrete countertops not only look stunning, but they’re also scratch and stain resistant. What’s more, concrete is available in several shades, including classic gray concrete, dark brown (espresso), and slate, to name a few.

High Gloss

If you want to give your kitchen a boost of sleekness, high gloss is the way to go. Laminate countertops provide a nice shine that makes a kitchen sparkle, especially when the natural light hits it just right. You can choose from a whole swath of colors to give your kitchen a look that is both sleek and stunning.

Multi-Colored Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are one of the best kitchen countertop resurfacing materials because they are incredibly versatile, easy to clean, and they look gorgeous. Using bold and bright colors to create a beautiful kitchen countertop can breathe new life into any dull-looking kitchen. From reds and blues to greens and purples, there are a number of color combinations that can make your kitchen look alive.

Classic White

From all-white tiled kitchen countertops to smooth white laminates, pure white resurfacing materials offer a modern, clean look for any kitchen. White countertops can make a kitchen look much larger than it actually is. The great thing about choosing white countertops is white goes with anything from oak cabinets to stainless steel kitchen appliances. All you have to decide is what texture you would prefer.  

Schedule a Countertop Resurfacing Today

When you want to update your kitchen countertops with countertop resurfacing, there are some really excellent choices for styles, materials, and colors. The hardest part is settling on one style because they all offer something special and can completely transform a kitchen. When you are ready to update your kitchen countertops, choose the economical solution and resurface rather than replace. Our team at Expert Resurfacing can help you choose your desired style and materials to give your kitchen a fresh new look at a fraction of what it would cost to replace your countertops. Call us today to request an estimate for countertop resurfacing in Virginia Beach and let us help you create your dream kitchen today!