Since the days of the Roman empire, everyone has appreciated tile for the beauty and complexity it brings into any space. While very few folks can pull off a Roman-era mosaic in their homes, there are a variety of ideas that you can rejuvenate your tile with to make them more in-line with the sleek and ultra-chic trends from 2018.

Wallpaper or Tile

One of the most remarkable trends we’ve seen in some time is the idea of tile as wallpaper. If you have already installed some beautiful tile as a backsplash in your kitchen or on the walls of your bathroom, you’re the perfect candidate for wallpaper-like tile. We know everyone hates wallpaper, but hold out for us here. It’s a creative way of incorporating a pattern that matches the color schemes already in use in your space. Create an oasis out of tile that looks like a compilation of fossilized fronds reaching the ceiling of your shower, or incorporate sapphire colored blue with delicate white leaves to offset all of the blue accents in your bathroom. The design possibilities are limitless and exciting.

Creamy Hues and Navy Blues

There will always be classic styles present in the hottest trends as this isn’t the 70s anymore and style isn’t about being new just for the sake of being different. Hence the creamy hues and beautiful subdued and, sometimes, dramatic application of navy blue. If you live in an older house that favors mostly smaller rooms, the creamy hues and whites will be your friend. Offset the warm tones with stark white hues and geometric patterns to keep it modern and give it the new, refinished look that you’re hoping for. If you’re trying to spice up your bathroom a little more, you might consider checking out the variety of navy blue and indigo-colored patterns. They’re dramatic, but we recommend offsetting it with grey or some of those mild cream tones if you’re going to commit to a more dramatic color like that.

Hyperrealistic Tile

Probably one of our top favorites is the rise of hyperrealistic tile. What is it? Think of the art term, defined as “a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph” and apply it to the idea of a tile. The notion is that a piece of tile can perfectly resemble a cork board or wood flooring but with the proper tile texture. The difference between the visual texture and physical texture is stunning and fascinating in its own right and it’s perfect for adding a point of interest to a bathroom where painting won’t survive very well. Our favorites imitate the perfect styling of aged parquet wood flooring and geometric designs that can render a pattern that wouldn’t have seemed possible before. Some tiles are made to look like concrete while others are made to look like terrazzo and cor-ten steel, so you’ll have the pick of your choice with so many interesting varieties available.

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